• New Net Asset Classifications for Your Nonprofit
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    New Net Asset Classifications for Your Nonprofit

    Among the many nuances separating nonprofits from their for-profit counterparts, perhaps none are more obvious or differentiating than the criteria by which nonprofits account for their money. It’s called fund accounting and, for nonprofits, it’s about transparency and compliance. Most accounting professionals monitor revenue and expenses to maximize their organization’s profits, but as a nonprofit

  • Top 10 May Blogs
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    Top 10 May Blogs

    In case you missed content, here is a quick recap of our most popular blogs of May. Use Our Requirements Checklist tin Your ERP Software Evaluation As a small to midsize company, staying up-to-date with modern business technologies is standard fare when you’re looking to stay ahead. Whether you’re increasing efficiency, improving the bottom line,

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    The Future of Cannabis Business Management Software: Stay Compliant, Run EfficientlyA comprehensive seed-to-sale accounting solution that always delivers e2b teknologies integration and engineering experts have partnered with leading Cannabis industry experts to develop software that runs your Cannabis business from seed-to-sale with a three-way match on purchases. Our solution not only handles tracking of seed-to-sale
  • Tips to Become a Tech-Savvy Accountant
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    Tips to Become a Tech-Savvy Accountant

    During product demos in firms across the country, you might hear a common refrain: “That’s great, but my clients won’t use it.” Whether it’s client portals, digital signatures or electronic delivery of tax returns and financial statements, a few professionals continue to use client aversion to technology as an excuse to stay firmly rooted in

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