• From BOMP to SaaS and Beyond: 1990s (Part 6 of 9)
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    From BOMP to SaaS and Beyond: 1990s (Part 6 of 9)

    This is Part 6 of a 9 Part Series on the History of ERP. 1990s: ERP, Windows, and The World Wide Web By the 1990s the market was again shifting. Noticing this, T. Lee Wylie introduced the term ERP in Gartner’s “ERP: A Vision of the Next-Generation MRP II” published April 12, 1990. The major

  • AISI American Iron and Steel Institute
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    AISI American Iron and Steel Institute

    For over a century, North American steel producers have left their day-to-day rivalries behind to work as partners and members of the American Iron and Steel Institute in furthering its mission to influence public policy, educate and shape public opinion in support of a strong, sustainable U.S. and North American steel industry committed to manufacturing

  • October 24 | Take Back Your Time Day
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    October 24 | Take Back Your Time Day

    Today is Take Back Your Time Day, a day focused on helping us recover our personal time. Like many of you reading this, I tend to work more than I should. I bring work home with me – literally and figuratively. And I tend to not use all of the vacation time allotted to me.

  • TIA Tire Industry Association
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    TIA Tire Industry Association

    The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is an international non-profit association representing all segments of the tire industry, including those that manufacture, repair, recycle, sell, service or use new or retreaded tires, and also those suppliers or individuals who furnish equipment, material or services to the industry. The mission of TIA is to promote tire safety



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