• MYOB | Essentials Accounting
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    MYOB | Essentials Accounting

    MYOB as an accounting application traces its roots to TeleWare Corporation founded by Christopher Lee in the United States in 1982. The initial product was called MYOB for Apple’s Macintosh personal computer. And yes – it stood for Mind Your Own Business. The company MYOB started with Craig Winkler and Brad Shofer in Melbourne Australia

  • SME (fka Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
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    SME (fka Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

    American Society of Tool Engineers is founded by 33 tool engineers in Detroit on March 31, 1932. The organization changed it’s name to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers on September 4, 1969. The organization goes by SME since 2013 dropping the “Society of Manufacturing Engineers” tagline. SME states that they are the intersection of manufacturing

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    October 19 | Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

    The Personal Computer Museum proudly presents a chance to clean your virtual desktop. The third Monday of October shall be declared National Clean your Virtual Desktop Day. Many studies suggest that our environment affects our productivity and our overall health and mood. A clean and pleasing computer desktop can be critical for many of us

  • Free Agent Central | Free Agent Accounting
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    Free Agent Central | Free Agent Accounting

    Free Agent is one of the relatively unknown entry-level accounting applications on the market but a fairly popular option and a product worth keeping an eye on in the future. They claim the application is used by over 50,000 businesses globally. Free Agent supports both accounts payable and receivables with project management. There is no

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