• What is your outdated software costing you?
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    What is your outdated software costing you?

    When is it time to upgrade your ERP solution? Business technology is known to evolve at a rapid pace, but many companies put off upgrading their organization’s systems until somewhere in the course of doing business, something forces their hand. Of course, new technology brings with it a number of advantages – it can help

  • ERP Must-Haves for Manufacturing
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    ERP Must-Haves for Manufacturing

    Even established manufacturing companies can find themselves with multiple cobbled together by separate business technology solutions. This setup worked for the early stages and may continue to work in the short term but every manufacturer comes to an inevitable conclusion when extensive workarounds from outdated system functions can’t support current needs. Systems that aren’t able

  • Global Business Management with Epicor ERP
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    Global Business Management with Epicor ERP

    Whether through acquisition or organic growth, more and more companies are wrestling with the complexities of managing multiple business entities. Epicor Global Business Management helps to ensure that no matter how distributed your organization becomes, you can maximize efficiency and drive business results. To support the needs of today’s increasingly distributed business, Epicor offers robust

  • Is it time to swap out QuickBooks for Epicor ERP?
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    Is it time to swap out QuickBooks for Epicor ERP?

    As companies grow, many organizations struggling with the limitations of QuickBooks and other off-the-shelf accounting systems find themselves asking: Is it time? QuickBooks is a simple accounting package, often perfectly suitable for businesses with basic accounting tasks as they’re establishing themselves. Once you realize the many limitations of this introductory software, it’s hard to imagine

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