• Don’t Put Your Cannabusiness Out of Business!
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    Don’t Put Your Cannabusiness Out of Business!

    Last year the cannabis industry made great strides in becoming a legitimate marketplace, and it happened at a progression few could predict. Medical and/or recreational marijuana was made legal in many U.S. states with Canada legalizing adult-use anywhere within its borders. This created a green rush which saw many cannabis startups come to market and

  • Cannabis ERP Delivers a Competitive Edge
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    Cannabis ERP Delivers a Competitive Edge

    The cannabis industry is evolving quickly and as it becomes legal in more states across the country, cannabis businesses are popping up at an exploding rate. This growth affects every stage of the cannabis supply chain, known as seed-to-sale, and the competition at each stage is keeping pace. From the cultivators responsible for harvesting the

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    The Future of Cannabis Business Management Software: Stay Compliant, Run EfficientlyA comprehensive seed-to-sale accounting solution that always delivers e2b teknologies integration and engineering experts have partnered with leading Cannabis industry experts to develop software that runs your Cannabis business from seed-to-sale with a three-way match on purchases. Our solution not only handles tracking of seed-to-sale
  • ERP Software Optimizes Your Dispensary
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    ERP Software Optimizes Your Dispensary

    Cannabis industry software can bring greater efficiency to your dispensary while saving you significant time and headache. From compliance to inventory concerns, your cannabis company faces specific requirements unique to the industry. With the right tools for the job, these additional requirements can be automated or leaned-out. This is where a marijuana-specific ERP takes your

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