• The Path to Manufacturing Growth
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    The Path to Manufacturing Growth

    This infographic illustrates the path to manufacturing growth, and how your factory can be taking the right steps to understanding the role of digital transformation. Transform Your Manufacturing Business Through Digital Technologies! Click on the infographic to view at full size.

  • ERP Playbook: Configure To Order
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    ERP Playbook: Configure To Order

    Configure-to-Order (CTO) represents the ability for a user to define the component make-up (configuration) of a product at the very moment of ordering that product, and a vendor to subsequently build that configuration dynamically upon receipt of the order. A Configure to Order (CTO) system is a hybrid of make to stock and make to

  • Plastics & Rubber Industry ERP Features
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    Plastics & Rubber Industry ERP Features

    Rubber and Plastics executives are cautiously optimistic about growth. We’re just optimistic. It’s a new era for rubber and plastics businesses. Years of cost-cutting and a wary posture have given way to competitive maneuvering. Efficiency is still a top priority, especially given the global nature of market opportunities, customer price sensitivity, and ever-shrinking new product

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