• Adobe: Encyclopedia Commercial
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    Adobe: Encyclopedia Commercial

    Adobe is a clever company and this commercial is no different. Do you know what your marketing is doing? This hilarious spot from Adobe shows us what can go wrong when we’re not paying attention to analytics. As a marketer analytics are increasingly more important in order to track growth appropriately. Take a minute out

  • Database Tools & Security Management for QuickBooks
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    Database Tools & Security Management for QuickBooks

    Companies using older versions of Intuit QuickBooks know all too well that there will come a time when they will need to find a third-party product for some data-related task – whether that’s importing data or fixing data-related issues, or something else. This tends to be less important for QuickBooks Online customers – primarily because

  • Parks & Recreation Accounting Jokes
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    Parks & Recreation Accounting Jokes

    The TV show Parks & Recreation is a widely-popular program often pointing fun at business life. Through the years they’ve had their share of accounting jokes which have been pulled together into this hilarious video collection. The video is just over a minute long so take a short break and smile a bit. And share

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    We can have a lot of fun with business and technology and recently found a few very funny videos we are compelled to share here. The story centers on abandoned shopping carts – like when you’re shopping online and put stuff in your basket or cart but then leave and never return to checkout and
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