• When Life Gives You Lemons (CRM Humor)
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    When Life Gives You Lemons (CRM Humor)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps companies build and maintain relationships with customers and prospect by identifying key demographics and contact details, logging and tracking activities and transactions, and identifying sales opportunities. The concepts are so basic they are applicable to virtually any industry segment and to companies and organizations of any size. We found

  • 55 CRM Considerations for Healthcare & Medical Businesses, Agencies, and Providers
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    55 CRM Considerations for Healthcare & Medical Businesses, Agencies, and Providers

    CRM is customer relationship management. And there are a LOT of options available on the market for companies across industry segments. But medical and healthcare businesses have very specialized requirements and may be better served by selecting specialized CRM for the healthcare industry. There are many great general CRM products on the market and some

  • CRM Options for Intuit QuickBooks
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    CRM Options for Intuit QuickBooks

    There are a lot of great options available to manage sales and marketing using QuickBooks and integrated CRM or customer relationship management applications. Perhaps the most popular option is Method:CRM - a product that is truly designed to work with QuickBooks. This is our top recommendation as the product is very feature rich yet simple
  • Solution | CRM
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    Solution | CRM

    There are dozens of customer relationship management (CRM) systems available today ranging from simple systems like Insight.ly to large, complex applications like Salesforce.com. The CRM you choose will depend greatly on your industry and specific business needs. What’s good for a manufacturer isn’t necessarily good for a professional service firm and you should strongly consider

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