22 Patient Case Management Software Applications

Patient case management means a lot of different things depending on the nature of your health care facility. For example, a case manager working for a home health organization will provide different services and will focus on much different priorities than a case manager in the health insurance industry or hospital, or even a long-term care facility.

This is important to consider when evaluating patient case management applications even though there are many similarities in feature sets across industries. Every good patient case management system should offer at least basic features in respect to patient information, treatment, health insurance, employee activities, file management, and other general feature sets.

The great thing with Patient Case Management Software is that there are so many options and most of the top products integrate easily with other healthcare business applications and general accounting applications like Sage Intacct with minimal effort.

We don’t recommend one product over another (that’s not our expertise). However, we do help companies integrate Patient Case Management as needed with their other business applications. As such, we can only rely on other great sources like Capterra to point healthcare companies in the right direction to select the best Patient Case Management Software. One thing that stands out to us on the Capterra directory is that SimplePractice has over 900 reviews and a near 5-star rating compared to the second most rated product, IntakeQ with 154 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating.

With that said, just because one or two products are the most popular doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best fit for your business. Maybe they aren’t on the right technology platform, maybe the feature set is all wrong, or maybe you prefer patient case management software that is easier to integrate with your other existing business applications.

Below are some of the top options for you to consider from the Capterra site. These include comprehensive patient case management applications as well as well as related software like document and records management. We’ve also include products listed on other sites that we feel may also be of interest.

1.      SimplePractice
2.      IntakeQ
3.      PatientPop
4.      Sumac
5.      HER Your Way
6.      Penelope
7.      FAMCARE Human Services
8.      Clarifire Health
9.      NewOrg Management System
10.   QuicDoc
11.   OnBase by Hyland Software
12.   ClientTrack
13.   Allscripts Care Management
14.   QuickPractice
15.   Athena Software
16.   Evariant
17.   TCS Healthcare
18.   Bridge Patient Portal
19.   HealthStream
20.   Health Cloud (SFDC)
21.   AveCare
22.   CaseWorthy

We suggest evaluating at least a half dozen applications to give yourself multiple options and seek out lesser-known patient case management applications that may just be breaking on to the scene or those that have made the leap to a new technology platform. Talk to peers, attend industry trade shows and events, and get information online to complete your evaluation process. Remember, it’s not always the most popular software that will work best for your situation and there are many great options out there if you take the time to look. Also remember that in most cases – you get what you pay for and you may need to pay more to get the right product for your business. Cheap out and pick the wrong product and it’ll end up costing you more in the long-run.

Got questions? We can help. Contact us to learn more about our accounting and business application products and services including Sage Intacct, a popular choice for progressive and growing healthcare providers.

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