4 Non-Negotiable Functions of Process Manufacturing ERP

Process manufacturers and discrete manufacturers have completely different manufacturing models. While discrete manufacturers are cutting, assembling or drilling, process manufacturers are mixing and blending based off of very specific recipes and ingredients. Based off these different ways of manufacturing, it wouldn’t make very much sense to be using the same ERP system for both. It wouldn’t be the best decision to try and modify a system to meet your process manufacturing needs either, which is why there are process manufacturing ERP systems on the market made for the industry’s needs.

When you start the search for a process manufacturing ERP system, look for these four critical functions unique to process manufacturers.

These functions are all non-negotiable for process manufacturers. Without these, you can run into costly fines, reputation ruining recalls or wasteful manufacturing. Not every ERP system will have these capabilities, which is why it is crucial that a process manufacturing ERP is chosen for those in the industry.We put together a one stop shop to provide you with videos and resources to learn more about e2b teknologies Food Industry ERP. Click the button to learn more.