5 Things to Look for in Your ERP Solution

Finding the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your manufacturing company is crucial for optimizing your internal business processes in today’s economic climate. To help you decide among the many options, what follows here are five areas of consideration to bear in mind as you look for the job shop ERP software to foster growth and deliver a competitive advantage in your industry.

To ensure your implementation success once you root out redundancies in your current system, it is important that your manufacturing ERP solution meets all of your specific requirements.

Streamlining to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

The most important feature of any ERP system is that it be flexible enough to grow with your business as it reduces your operating costs. ERP systems inherently help reduce manufacturing operating costs by exposing inefficiencies where they occur. At the same time, you can drastically reduce the administrative costs of tracking and compiling the operational data you’ll use to implement new growth strategies.

By reducing these costs, ERP systems lean out operations to foster growth within your manufacturing company, but it’s important to understand each ERP systems come with distinct differences. Every ERP system seeks to streamline operations, but manufacturers need manufacturing solutions.

Changing industry markets means that your business processes will change, so your ERP system needs to be both flexible and scalable enough to change and grow with you. Make sure the ERP solution you zero in on has the ability to integrate with your existing data and process systems and features robust developer support to keep up with new trends and technologies.

User-Friendly Features and Functionality

The features of your ERP solution should be intuitive enough that users do not require extensive and ongoing training to grasp its basic functions. Additionally, specific users should be limited to only those features necessary for their workloads while management and company leadership could be permitted more broad access.

For instance, a floor manager of a manufacturing plant has little need full access to the organization’s accounting and financial information but would need to access inventory tracking and vendor management data that the accounting department would not.

Functionality and Support for Mobile Users

User-friendly job shop ERP software in today’s world means it features mobile support for its users. Many working professionals interface with technology and application products from their own devices rather than a dedicated workstation provided by their employer. As such, make sure that the ERP solution you choose features support for your personnel that will need to access it via their mobile devices.

Manufacturer ERP and accounting systems operate in the cloud and offer many benefits to manufacturers. This includes secure and easy access from anywhere. Modern UIs make job shop ERP easy and convenient to use while allowing secure data access from any smart device.

Manufacturing Investment

A manufacturing ERP solution is an investment that makes sense for your business. Some ERPs are sold on the basis of being one-time expenses, while others are provided on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

On-premise systems with large upfront costs tend to result in more immediate sticker shock and often feel out-of-reach to smaller businesses versus operating in the cloud the way the SaaS model works. In addition, on-prem solutions require IT infrastructure and support, unlike the more convenient SaaS model. Be conscientious about what you can afford financially as well as what you’re able to support logistically.

Investigate Your Vendor

Get in touch with your prospective ERP vendor’s existing customers. Any reputable ERP provider will have a number of customers they are willing to refer potential clients doing their due diligence. Don’t be shy, a solid vendor will appreciate that you’re preparing for your ERP implementation the right way!

Work up a list of questions that you have for users of the software that cover your needs and check after your concerns. If your ERP vendor is hesitant to provide you with a list of business references for their client relationships, the writing is on the wall.

e2b tek has a deep understanding of the unique operational and accounting management needs of the modern manufacturer. We offer the job shop system for successful manufacturing operations who remain competitive as a result of having the right systems in place.

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