6 Best Accounts Payable Apps for QuickBooks

There are a lot of ways to automate accounts payable and with QuickBooks being the most popular accounting software on the planet it’s not hard to imagine that there are dozens of apps available to help automate every part of the process.

But finding the right app can be difficult without a little advice. Below are the top 6 Accounts Payable Apps that we recommend for QuickBooks.


Is your company still receiving paper invoices or cutting paper checks? We want to help you optimize your AP process by capitalizing on today’s best practices. Eliminating paper and adopting automation will help increase efficiencies and make your organization less susceptible to fraudulent activity.

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You may not find AvidXchange on the apps.com directory but it’s rock solid and yes – it does integrate with Intuit QuickBooks along with dozens of entry-level, mid-market, and tier one accounting and ERP business applications.


Beanworks is a great product available at a great price since it’s based on how much you use it. Not only does it integrate with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop but it’s also an endorsed product for Sage’s ERP products including Sage 100c, Sage X3, Sage 500, and Sage Intacct.


Another great product from an established A/P provider. AnyBill.com is similar to other AP automation options so make sure you take a good hard look at every application out there to determine which is best for your needs. We like the look the feel and trust that they will help you identify the best possible back-end merchant provider for your transactions.


This is an easy one. Bill.com is a nice product for bill payment and should be at on your list if you’re looking for an AP automation tool. Integrated with either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, Bill.com is heads and tails ahead of the competition and works well with many other accounting applications. Just be cautious of using it for receivables. While it’s got some great features, there are many other options available on the market like Anytime Collect.


We don’t have much firsthand experience with MineralTree but we’ve heard some great things about them from happy customers and they’ve been around awhile so they’re probably a safe bet. The application integrates with QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and many other products.


This is a newer player in the AP automation sector. Plooto appears to offer a very streamlined application with limited features but a very simple pricing model – $1 per transaction for ACH. They also accept credit cards and have some very basic reminders for accounts receivable customer invoicing.

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