6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud ERP comes with multiple benefits that go well beyond accessible financial software. Depending on your business requirements, a cloud-based solution could offer more gains and be the best choice for your organization. 

Several features of the cloud not only boost your production performance but also help you eliminate the on-premise costs you would otherwise incur. What about protection – how safe is your data in the cloud? Here we outline these and other would-be advantages of moving your business to the cloud

  1. Potential for Huge Cost Savings

One of the most attractive aspects of adopting a cloud-based solution is the potential to save money, which is why cost remains an important driver of cloud migration. Compared to on-premise technology, the setup and maintenance expense advantages of operating in the cloud are substantial.  

If you are a small business who needs to run a lean operation to meet your business goals, hiring a dedicated IT staff is out of the question. Examine the hardware and maintenance costs that come with maintaining up-to-date security and bug fixes – the long-term investment of cloud ERP are usually far less compared to an on-premise system ERP. 

If the expense of an onsite solution and the associated IT infrastructure are out of reach for your growing business, your digital transformation to the cloud awaits

  1. Ability to Focus on Your Customer

As mentioned, many organizations lack the IT budget and infrastructure for on-premise systems unless IT services make up at least a portion of their core competencies. A few tech-savvy team members do not make an IT department and allocating an unnecessary IT budget toward one can undercut more productive initiatives. 

Operating in the cloud allows you to outsource the IT function needed to run your mission-essential business solutions and target your core competencies. 

When your core competency revolves around your customer, as it should, the cloud also allows you to offer faster and more personalized service.  

  1. Robust Data Security

Another reason many companies have made their way to cloud ERP include the up-to-date security controls offered standard by cloud-based solutions. In a twist of irony, cloud ERP vendors often have the most secure hosting environments because they have to. Cloud servers and IoT solutions are often and increasingly targeted for attack, so cloud vendors remain the most vigilant with cyber ready, prepared environments. 

  1. Access from Anywhere

In today’s climate, most companies want a seamless remote work procedure that allows employees to work from home or elsewhere. Using cloud ERP and accounting software, the users of your organization can access company data anytime from a connected device, from any corner of the world. With secure user controls and accessibility options, business and customer data stay completely safe. 

  1. More Bandwidth 

Bandwidth refers to the amount of information or data that can be sent from one place to another within a particular time. It’s also business jargon for how much you can get done in a given period. By using cloud technology, your teams can get more done and share data instantly without having to connect to an internal network first. Data remains accessible, saving you from data transfer clogs or worse – manually carrying hard drive storage for easily accessible data. 

When employees have seamless access to the information they need in real-time, it makes their job easier so they can get more done.  

  1. Faster Implementation Over On-Premise Tech

Cloud ERP solutions faster to implement and onboard over on-premise technology. Depending on your software assessment and business requirements, including any customizations you request, cloud ERP implementation projects can take as little as a month. 

It’s the job of your cloud ERP vendor to help navigate your journey to the cloud efficiently so you can get to your data. Cloud systems are usually more modern and user-friendly, so there’s less of a learning curve to achieve smooth operations. It’s your job to ensure proper onboarding that includes proper training for end-users and encourages user buy-in. 

A cloud-based solution might be the right choice if you are a small but expanding business seeking a technology that can grow with you. From its robust security and access flexibility to seamless affordability.

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