7 Key Concepts in Finding the Perfect ERP Implementation Consultant

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, such as Sage Intacct, deliver vital benefits to organizations as their company grows. By improving communication and visibility, all from a single source of data, implementing ERP is as much about the adoption of new software as it is about leaving behind the manual workarounds required from existing legacy solutions.

When upgrading your enterprise-level technologies, you should seek out a software consultant or services provider that shares in your vision. ERP implementation requires managing people and technology, so finding the right fit for a technology partner is essential. To help you, we’ve compiled eight important concepts to consider when determining which Sage Intacct consultant is best suited to ensure your ERP project’s success.

    1. Your Sage Intacct Consultant

    Investigate your Sage Intacct consultant’s expertise. What other technologies have they experienced, can they offer different perspectives for why Sage Intacct is best suited to reach your business goals? Have your consultant explain their knowledge surrounding your specific industry needs and problems alleviated through ERP. Knowledge of your industry’s best practices helps the consultant have a better vision of your organization’s requirements.

    2. Infrastructure Commitment / Adaptation

    Sage Intacct is a commitment to your company’s future, but not to its infrastructure. With accessible information from the cloud, your internet-ready mobile devices become the gateway to your data and valuable business insights. Cloud adoption brings business agility and access to new innovation. Sage Intacct enables your organization to easily adapt to business processes changes without the time or expense of customized software.

    3. ERP Customization

    Experienced Sage Intacct consultants will deter you from customizations whenever possible. Custom programming can increase implementation costs, create project delays, and make future upgrades cumbersome. Often times, your consultant can solve an organizational problem with a broader understanding of what you’re looking for. You should work with a consultant who isn’t afraid to challenge your customization requests – it could save you time and money.

    4. Sage Intacct Training & Support

    Sage Intacct Learning allows your team to ramp-up with confidence. Easy onboarding helps you learn to use the advanced reporting and accounting features, get a feel for the user interface, even have live Q&A session.

    Offering comprehensive support from knowledgeable product experts, you can learn the new system at your own pace. Through an exchange of information with peers and your product experts, Sage Intacct support delivers a wealth of information to your organization so you’re never left stranded.

    5. Cloud Security

    Sage Intacct comes with instant enterprise-class security, backup, and disaster recovery. These features, which are built into the Sage Intacct application, decrease your technology risk. This solution is also designed to prevent unauthorized programs, systems, and users from gaining access or control of processes, resources, or data. By preventing outside attacks and delivering user access controls, you can ensure secure and proper access to your Sage Intacct solution.

    6. Project Spend

    You’re investing significantly reduced upfront costs with Sage Intacct over an off-the-shelf or on-prem accounting solution. By moving to the cloud, you eliminate the need for installation and maintenance and enjoy seamless upgrades to your financial management applications. Greatly reducing your IT budget requirements and total cost of ownership, subscription pricing means you pay only for what you need.

    7. Data Conversion

    When migrating your historical data from your old system, you won’t need custom coding to manage the intricate process with Sage Intacct. Your consultant will move each transaction to the new environment giving you report data access in detailed dimensions. Sage Intacct allows you to drill into the data with historical data overlays. Once your implementation is complete, you’ll find the information presented in highly visual formats.

Be sure to invest enough time and research to uncover the best ERP solution and consultant for your company. More often than not, an ERP implementation project is determined by the people involved and leading the project, so it is important to make sure you select the right partners to bring your technology upgrade together.
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