Benefits of Migrating to a Modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP System

The average lifespan of an ERP system is generally accepted to fall somewhere between 7-10 years- How long have you had your ERP system? In a recent article we shared some compelling statistics from Aberdeen as to why mid-sized manufacturers should upgrade to a modern ERP system, such as:

While these statistics are indeed compelling and come from a renowned research group, nothing says it better than real-life stories. Learn why Howe Corporation, a leading mid-sized manufacturer of refrigeration and ice machine equipment chose to update their system to a modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP system and the benefits they recognized after implementing Epicor ERP.

The company chose Epicor ERP for its proven success as Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP solution and in order to stay current with modern technology and keep up with growth. “We chose Epicor because we needed a software system that would scale with the growth of our company,” said Andrew Ortman, sales and IT manager for Howe Corporation. “After realizing that there had been a significant lapse in time since our last upgrade with our legacy system, we decided the company needed a fresh start. The choice was easy because of Epicor’s superior business management architecture.”

The Benefits of Epicor as a Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP solution:

The real-time visibility has allowed the company to increased efficiencies, eliminate waste, and reduce costs across numerous departments; their top three benefits were:

Overall the company was able to reach their goal of staying current with newer technology and increasing cost savings. This article just glances over the reasons Howe chose Epicor as their Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP solution and the benefits they recognized after doing so. Read the full story and others in our Epicor Resource Library, click here to enter.

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