• General Ledger GL RFP Request for Quote Template
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    General Ledger GL RFP Request for Quote Template

    Evaluating General Ledger applications can be difficult without the right tools. We developed a simple Excel template to help businesses evaluate up to six different accounting or ERP software applications with 76 different sample questions. The General Ledger RFP template includes a password that you can set to limit access to the underlying values. This

  • October 4 | Improve Your Office Day
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    October 4 | Improve Your Office Day

    ERP software may not make you look sexier, and you probably won’t lose any weight by implementing new ERP applications but ERP will certainly help improve your office. So join us today to celebrate Improve Your Office Day. In special recognition, we’ve come up with a few links you may be interested in reading to

  • QB Small Business Resource Center
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    QB Small Business Resource Center

    Intuit publishes a lot of great content to help small companies to manage every aspect of their business. We have apps that integrate with QuickBooks and we work with companies that outgrow QuickBooks but we’re not entrenched in the QuickBooks world so sometimes we find some great resources that really surprise us and one of

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    Income Statement

    The income statement is a function of the general ledger system providing a profit and loss statement summarizing the revenues (money in) and expenses (money out) from a company during a defined period of time. It indicates generally if the company was profitable and their relative impact on the bottom line (overall financial health) of

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