Cannabis and Assisted Living Facilities: Does this have a place?

When we think of assisted living facilities, we don’t immediately think of cannabis. But with the cannabis industry currently in a state of evolving and rapid growth, it’s no surprise that it is making its way through nearly every niche market – assisted living facilities are no exception.

With cannabis now legal in over 20 states—and several other states close behind—medical cannabis is becoming more widely accepted as a way for senior citizens to deal with their symptoms and combat pain to live happier, healthier lives.

Does Legalized Cannabis have a Place in Assisted Living Facilities?

With legalized cannabis more widely accepted as relief from ailments that often go hand-in-hand with aging, it’s becoming the norm for assisted living facilities to have patients with cannabis prescriptions.

This doesn’t mean there’s a group of aging senior citizens sitting around and smoking cannabis to reduce their pain. Besides being impractical and unhealthy, combustible smoking is often prohibited in senior or assisted living facilities.

But just because there’s no cloud of smoke looming above the heads of residents in these homes doesn’t mean legalized cannabis isn’t present. In fact, those that legally partake typically do so in the form of vaporizing, eating edibles, tinctures, and many other forms.

So, how does enterprise resource planning (ERP) help with this particular niche within the cannabis industry?

Cannabis ERP Making a Difference for Assisted Living

At the rate states are legalizing both medical and adult-use cannabis, the plant is reaching new markets faster than ever. Cannabis manufacturers are busy creating products that target each of those individual markets, and because it touches so many different types of people, businesses, and industries, there’s a need for specialized, customized solutions to help manage these specific niches.

Every niche that cannabis companies serve comes with its own set of challenges meaning assisted living facilities who administer legalized cannabis will face tracking and traceability issues like many others. With a smart, proficient ERP system, each of these concerns can be managed seamlessly saving time, money and effort that can be used toward the residents and patients being treated within an assisted living facility.

Sure, cannabis ERP saves time and money, but it can also track and trace products coming from a distributor and being received by the assisted living facility, help a facility maintain compliance, monitor healthcare, and tracking expenses, manage and automate prescriptions, track drug expense versus nursing hours, and of course, help to keep track of cannabis inventory at all times.

From growers to distributors to assisted living facilities and their patients, ERP systems help to ensure that everyone involved in the process is protected against avoidable noncompliance violations to remain in good standing with both federal and state regulations.

In an industry experiencing this level of growth and limitless potential, Sage Intacct is crucial to provide regulatory guidance for your assisted living and to help you to solve problems. Intacct and e2b Teknologies lets assisted living facilities make better decisions regarding cannabis and other prescription medication management to remain in regulatory compliance and stay one step ahead.

Contact us to learn more about how a cannabis ERP solution can improve life for you and the residents at your assisted living facility.

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