Complying with Labeling Regulations with Food Processing ERP Software

Since food manufacturers are responsible for developing their nutritional labels, they are required to meet ever-changing food labeling requirements and incomplete or inaccurate labeling can be costly. According to Loftware, the average cost of production downtime due to mislabeling errors is $100,000 an hour. In fact, one major manufacturer spent more than $300,000 in a year to cover mislabeling fines.

Avoid mislabeling fines, errors, inefficient recalls, and negative publicity by implementing a food & beverage manufacturing ERP software specific to your manufacturing business. ERP will quickly deliver the required labels you need while complying with the regulations. Some of the major labeling featurs common in many food and beverage ERP systems include:

Food processing ERP software can give you flexible label printing operations, with options such as label alterations and creation, operation scaling, and support for multiple printers. By implementing these into your automated operations, you gain significant advantage in respect to quality control and assurance ensuring that you remain in compliance with regulations while reducing labor costs.

ERP unique to food manufacturers can be tremendously beneficial and help companies large and small overcome challenges such as compliance with labeling regulations.We put together a one stop shop to provide you with videos and resources to learn more about e2b teknologies Food Industry ERP. Click the button to learn more.