Epicor ERP to Replace QuickBooks Enterprise for Growing Medical Equipment Manufacturer

(CHARDON, OHIO) July 21, 2015 – e2b teknologies, an Epicor ERP reseller, developer, and Epicor consulting organization located in Northeast Ohio, today announced a new customer. The customer who specializes in the manufacturing and sale of oxygen handling equipment in the medical and industrial markets, has chosen e2b teknologies and Epicor ERP on a hosted platform to replace the company’s QuickBooks Enterprise accounting system.

Prior to migrating to web-based Epicor ERP, the company utilized QuickBooks Enterprise, a system that the company was quickly outgrowing as its business requirements became more complex. For example, the company experienced problems with system performance and lacked the advanced reporting, manufacturing, and other general business features it needed for continued growth and profitability. With growing sales and an estimated growth rate of 10-15% each year, the company decided it was time to migrate from QuickBooks Enterprise to a more advanced system that could handle their complex needs and could grow and adapt as the business did.

“QuickBooks is a solid solution for a company when they first start out, but it can only take them so far,” said Frank Nisenboum, VP of ERP sales at e2b teknologies. “Growing businesses like this one, especially manufacturers, need advanced functionality, flexibility, and scalability that QuickBooks just doesn’t have in order to support and manage an increasing amount of financial and operational processes.”

After carefully evaluating competing solutions including Netsuite, the company chose Epicor ERP as it was best able to meet both the company’s specific business needs and strict compliance and quality requirements. Some of the key features the customer was looking for in an ERP application included mobile dashboards, embedded CRM, multi-company functionality, outsourced processing, lot and serial number tracking, return merchandise authorization, landed costs, and Kanban replenishment.

“Epicor ERP is a powerful end-to-end solution that is designed to handle the needs of a manufacturer like this one,” said Nisenboum. “Having replaced QuickBooks Enterprise with a hosted version of Epicor ERP, the company will see a vast improvement in their ability to manage and control inventory, monitor production and distribution, and increase compliance efficiencies; all with the lower cost of ownership, mobility, and other benefits a cloud solution has to offer. We look forward to finishing up this project and being a part of this organization’s future success.”

About e2b teknologies:

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