“The amount of time they’ve saved us – it’s unbelievable. I’ll just call them and tell them, this is what we’re doing, isn’t there some way to make it more efficient? And they know exactly what I mean. And they do it”



You have a lot of time and money invested in your ERP and related business software. Most companies use only a small portion of the functionality available in the software and others don’t know how to use the software effectively forcing them to create manual, disjointed processes or worse, they buy additional software which essentially duplicates the functionality they already own in their existing ERP.

Your business uses dozens of processes daily, but the frustration and burden of inefficient or ineffective processes are costly and throwing more resources at it usually only makes it worse. By conducting a periodic, independent business process review (BPR), you can analyze crucial processes to identify weaknesses, gaps, risks, and bottlenecks to help you: eliminate inefficiencies; improve processes; cut process times; reduce overhead costs; improve customer service; improve compliance; increase profitability; and more.


e2b teknologies offers multiple business process review packages. Each packages includes an on-site visit from one of our experienced consultants who will sit down with your team and discuss how the current process is performed and the current technology and people used to support it. Our team will work with you to identify current or potential problems, critical success factors, potential solutions, and put together a detailed analysis report and a list of recommendations for process improvement.

Includes the analysis of two business processes and a total of twenty hours of time with our experienced business consultants.

Includes the analysis of four business processes and a totally of forty hours with our experienced business consultants.

Custom packages are available upon request. Because every business is different, every process review is different.


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