Getting To Know Acumatica

Almost every CFO hits their breaking point before switching to a new accounting system. But an ERP implementation is often time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive, so they’ll put it off until it is absolutely necessary.


Small and growing enterprises sometimes choose homegrown solutions that offer some of what they need to conserve costs, while mid-sized to large companies invest in more robust ERP solutions out of necessity.


Our customers demand a modern platform built for speed and growth that connects their external systems and data. If you want to know what’s happening in your business, invest in an ERP solution.


But which one? ERP solutions are for large organizations, right? A common misconception is that modern-day ERP systems are too powerful, expensive, and complex for small and midsize organizations. The opposite is true if you select the right one.


This is where Acumatica is different. Acumatica cloud ERP is designed to be a comprehensive, intuitive, and streamlined accounting software package for small, mid-sized, large, or growing businesses. It is a powerful data hub that gives you real-time visibility into your business operations, allowing you to practically run your business from the palm of your hands.


Acumatica ERP offers automation, server license solution, and the flexibility to choose feature functionality that allows any business to manage its accounting operations at lower costs. For instance, you can be a hosted private cloud, a complete SaaS, or an on-premises system on Acumatica.


What is Acumatica ERP?

Usually, ERP systems primarily consolidate your business processes, enhancing process coordination, workflow efficiency, and collaboration. That’s why most accounting ERP systems have the same basic features, and businesses choose the ones that work best for their practices and needs.

But Acumatica cloud ERP is an industry-leading and modern ERP software because it offers vertical and embedded applications that meet the needs of diverse business models. With Acumatica, you have a more efficient system with numerous functionalities that can manage any aspect of a business’s financial workflow.



For example:
  • If your business distributes products globally through multiple channels like trucking, warehouses, and aviation, Acumatica quickly identifies which products use which channels, their quantities, and their schedule in real-time, making distribution fast and efficient.
  • Your corporate B2B business is handling massive sensitive data. With employees accessing this information using multiple devices and in remote locations, you want to protect yourself from hackers or data loss. Acumatica will streamline your processes and data updates and offer single sign-on capabilities that ensure your employees use company information without the constant need for passwords or login IDs.
  • Do you own a business in an industry like aviation that relies heavily on your multiple warehouse operations and large-scale transportation? Acumatica will speed up your processes by giving you quick multi-warehouse allocation and list-based navigation capabilities to manage your procedures.
  • Or your business relies significantly on data analytics to make informed decisions. In that case, Acumatica has a database that is easy to navigate and different sites to operate various tasks based on varying data sets.


Acumatica cloud ERP also lets you license the modules that you need. Once your growth demands more functionalities, the software makes it easy to add more, whether you are a full SaaS, on-premises, or hosted private cloud system.


Why Acumatica is Your ERP Solution

The ERP solution is the only one in the market that offers unlimited user licensing, native mobility, and a customer bill of rights. It is seamless, adaptable, collaborative, intuitive, automated, insightful, and extendable.


The solution allows you to work how you want with the performance you need to eliminate obstacles and achieve your goals at minimum costs.


1.       Business intelligence with Acumatica is effective

All Acumatica applications have easy-to-use reporting capabilities and self-service business intelligence that generates role-based dashboards in real time for gaining business insight. Other business intelligence tools offered by Acumatica include LAN computing, cybersecurity, data monitoring, pricing plans, backup plan, mobile application, and customization tools.


2.       Acumatica is integrated cloud-based software management

Born in the cloud, Acumatica has speed, performance, power, and usability like regular client-server applications. Business data is secure, safe, and easily accessible to employees, business partners, or casual users (once given access). And since it is cloud-based, you don’t need to spend on IT equipment. Instead, you only pay for the server license.


3.       Acumatica supports centralized document management and CRM

The different Acumatica modules work together to meet your business needs by providing a series of business suites and editions to choose from based on your business model. These include financial management, customer management, project management, service and field service management, distribution edition, manufacturing edition, retail–commerce edition, and construction edition modules.


For instance, the customer service and field services edition allows you to schedule the right fieldwork team at the right time, using a single source of truth report or multi-dimensional reporting. The distribution edition will enable you to manage purchasing, fulfillment, inventory, and sales orders.


No More Siloed Operational Data

With Acumatica cloud ERP, you can choose the exact functionalities to ensure your business performs optimally and bears the highest return on your technology investments. You can meet the most demanding business standards, give your employees flexible remote access to business data, and update your users and system at no additional cost. This is the ERP solution you need to build a resilient company.



What is Acumatica?

This business management software allows you to operate and grow your business from basic online accounting functionalities to full ERP capabilities. The primary benefit of using Acumatica ERP is that you only license the modules you need and add them to your list as you grow your business.


What platform does Acumatica use?

Acumatica cloud ERP uses the Cloud xRP platform, which gives it the flexibility and control to support different businesses from versatile industries.


What are some of the features of Acumatica?

The software has various modules and editions, including construction management, financial management, distribution edition, and process manufacturing.



e2b teknologies is a passionate and experienced team of industry leaders and business advisers providing expert insight, informing companies of advancements within the industry and how they can benefit from them.

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e2b teknologies is a passionate and experienced team of industry leaders and business advisers providing expert insight, informing companies of advancements within the industry and how they can benefit from them.