Improve Catch Weight Management With Process Manufacturing ERP

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the challenges manufacturers in the food and beverage space face every day and how the right process manufacturing ERP system can help address them. For example, controlling manufacturing costs, product recall management, reducing manufacturing waste, and more. Some food and beverage manufacturers have the added challenge of managing catch weights for meat, seafood , and other products that are typically not handled very well in generic ERP systems. For example, what’s the price for a lobster tail? It depends greatly on the size (weight) and quality. Catch weight support in a process manufacturing ERP system is vital for purchasing, processing, and sales.

The implementation and application of weights and measurements must be consistent as variations can cause frustrations for retailers, packagers, and manufacturers. Deviations can disrupt your operations, increase your costs, and muddle your efforts to follow with government requirements. Process manufacturing ERP systems designed for food and beverage manufacturers support catch weight and other special unit of measure conversion requirements such as:

Controlling all aspects of catch weight management and recognizing the above benefits if possible when food and beverage manufacturers rely on a process manufacturing ERP system designed to handle the complex needs of a food and beverage manufacturer. Learn more about the many ways the right system can help you overcome your biggest challenges so you can stay focused on growing business and serving customers.We put together a one stop shop to provide you with videos and resources to learn more about e2b teknologies Food Industry ERP. Click the button to learn more.