October 4 | Improve Your Office Day

ERP software may not make you look sexier, and you probably won’t lose any weight by implementing new ERP applications but ERP will certainly help improve your office. So join us today to celebrate Improve Your Office Day. In special recognition, we’ve come up with a few links you may be interested in reading to celebrate with us.

• 21 Tips to Organize Your Office and Get More Done by LifeHack.org

• How to Organize Your Desk by CNN Money

•Organize Your Office for Maximum Productivity by Inc.

• 25 Best Apps for Small Business Owners in 2016 by NerdWallet

We personally recommend Anytime Collect, a great cloud-based app to help you get paid faster and easier by automating your accounts receivable. Or course we might be a bit biased since we developed it but take a look and judge for yourself.

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