Jobscope Adds Report Scheduler and Workflows

We hear a lot about the larger ERP and CRM players in the market but often forget about the wide variety of vendors focused on smaller niches. Case in point is Jobscope who’s been quietly developing ERP software for the “to-order” manufacturing industry for 35 years.

Based in Greenville, SC, Jobscope’s focus is exclusively on job-based engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturing industry segments with strong engineering and design features highlighted with CAD integration. Jobscope is a full-featured ERP with accounting, inventory management, and material planning modules around the make to order manufacturing system.

Jobscope tends to sell into more traditional job shop and capital equipment and machinery markets as well as aerospace and defense and government contractor segments which have specialized reporting requirements.

Their latest release includes a reports scheduler and enhanced workflows as well as smaller updates and new features.

Jobscope competes directly against Epicor ERP and many smaller vendors focused on the same market niche.

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