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John Moss started working with Bill Henslee, founder and CEO of e2b teknologies, in May of 1997. He was appointed e2b teknologies Operations Manager in 2008 for his organizational skills, planning, and management of team dynamics. In 2015, Moss accepted the role of General Manager for e2b calibration. His management, company-wide respect, and organizational expertise enabled the calibration laboratory to reach higher quality standards and advanced the technical knowledge of the calibration team. John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Information Systems from Kent State University.

John oversees operations for e2b calibration. He is involved in special projects, such as the Digital Asset Verification System and the calibration laboratory expansion. John works with the quality department to better quality standards and with the e2b team to improve the efficiency of calibration procedures. The e2b calibration team enjoys working with John because he actively helps with calibration work and shows that he cares about his team.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his family. He attends community events and cheers for local sports teams, the Browns, Buckeyes, Cavs, and Indians.

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