MEMA Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association


MEMA is the trade association for motor vehicle and mobility suppliers and parts manufacturers and remanufacturers. Members supply both the original equipment and aftermarket segments of the light vehicle (car and truck) and commercial vehicle (on- and off-road) industries. MEMA serves the industry as the voice of the motor vehicle and mobility supplier industry, speaking out on behalf of the largest manufacturing sector in the United States. MEMA is divided into four divisions or specialty groups including:

AASA – The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (

HDMA – The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (

MERA – Motor & Equipment Remanufacturers Association (

OESA – Orignal Equipment Suppliers Association (


Formed in 1904, MEMA was a co-sponsor for the First Automotive Service Industries Show, a predecessor to AAPEX.


MEMA does sponsor a major trade show event but does participate in most industry trade shows including AAPEX and SEMA. Smaller events are held among members of each division of MEMA.


MEMA members are involved in many diverse sections of the automotive and heavy truck supply chain chain including aftermarket products, original equipment manufacturing (OEM) parts, and more.


MEMA and it’s four divisions have a membership in excess of 1,000 automotive parts suppliers. Memberships are provided at the corporate level (not individuals) for each of the four divisions and scale based on the size of the member organization.


MEMA and it’s four divisions publish a lot of research for specific segments of the automotive supply chain as well as period enewsletters and other documents of interest to members.

Contact Information

10 Laboratory Dr.
Durham, NC 27709
Phone: 1 (919) 549-4800
Email: [email protected]


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