NetStock: The 5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory

Our friends over at NetStock created a great blog series highlighting the 5 hidden causes of excess inventory. It’s a problem most business managers don’t like to think about.1

Solutions for reducing excess inventory are met with skepticism and are perceived as risky, or not practical. We compare ourselves to other businesses that have similar problems, pretending that it is normal for our industry. Sound familiar?

To help navigate you to the 5 causes read through the below series:

  1. Bad forecast leads to excess
  2. Are new items causing you excess inventory?
  3. Is customer forecast creating excess inventory?
  4. Supplier constraints lead to planning complications
  5. Incorrect levels drive excess inventory

Net stock also offers a free course that goes into a more depth look at the 5 hidden causes of excess inventory, but more importantly they go through how to prevent these with industry best practices. You can register for the free course at the bottom of this article: 5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory

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