November 2018 Blog Roundup

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of November’s blog posts.

Why You Need to Upgrade Your ERP System: #1 Homegrown ERP Leaves You Vulnerable

Your homegrown ERP leaves you open to a number of risks and challenges and it will benefit you in the long run to upgrade your ERP system. For example, what if your IT directory leaves the company or the programmer who made the application retires? Technology moves quickly and your homegrown system could have been made in a program or code that is no longer learned today – so you may have a hard time filling these positions with young professionals. By using technology that only a small number of people know and understand you are limiting innovation and possibly stunting your own growth; you may never be able to take advantage of thought leaders or consultants with your homegrown ERP system or develop capabilities at the rate of your competitors and the rest of your industry. Read more.

Learn What’s New in Sage Intacct 2018 Release 3

As your business grows, your finances often become very complex. Maybe you have expanded to new territories, added new products and services, or changed billing methods. In any of these cases, you need a flexible solution that meets your growing business demands. Release 3 provides the most flexibility in order to meet your business needs and challenges. Read more.

The Benefits of Document Management and ERP

The reasons for integrating a document management solution with your ERP system are simple. It can only enhance your ERP usage and business process, making you more organized and efficient. Here are the four main reasons you should be using a document management solution with your ERP. Read more.

Benefits of Migrating to a Modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP System

The average lifespan of an ERP system is generally accepted to fall somewhere between 7-10 years- How long have you had your ERP system? In a recent article we shared some compelling statistics from Aberdeen as to why mid-sized manufacturers should upgrade to a modern ERP system. Read more.

Top Challenges of Automotive Suppliers and How ERP Addresses Them

With demand growing and competitive prices becoming increasingly important, automotive supply chains are under more pressure than ever to operate smoothly and efficiently. Suppliers must become more flexible, and implement systems that are powerful and responsive enough to handle the competitive nature of the automotive industry. ERP for automotive suppliers grants companies of all sizes the control and flexibility required to meet the above demands and remain competitive in today’s competitive marketplace. Read more.

ERP Security Risks Could Be Affecting Your Data

It seems like ERP vendors are constantly pushing out software updates. These can be hard to keep up with on their own, let alone keeping up with any security features that may have gone away or changed in the process. To ensure that your business data is protected, it is crucial to be aware of what security features do or don’t exist within your ERP system. Read more.

Using Your ERP System to Increase Customer Service

Customers expect more out of service today. It is now easier than ever to track items to see where they are in the process of being shipped and delivered. Most delivery services like UPS and USPS use this method which allows customers to feel like they are in the loop and plan ahead for their next step. Read more.

Four Workplace Issues Eliminated With Document Management Software

One of the easiest ways to ensure your business will continue to grow and climb quickly is by having a great work environment. Your employees should feel welcome and comfortable coming into the office every day, especially when a majority of their time is spent there. Workplaces that have a hostile environment often have high turnover rates, customers can usually see this and the company then struggles to grow. Read more.

Traceability & Food Manufacturing ERP – It’s More Important Than Ever

The FDA is inspecting and monitoring organizations’ processes for preventing food contamination more frequently and with the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act, manufacturers and producers have placed more emphasis on accountability, avoidance, and obligation at each step and process throughout the entire supply chain. As such, traceability has become a more important feature in food manufacturing ERP than ever before. Read more.

eCommerce is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

The world of shopping has changed dramatically in the last decade. With overnight shipping and same-day delivery, there’s no need to drive to a store and push through the droves of people milling around when you can purchase an item with the click of a button. The world of e-commerce has even made it easier to shop worldwide. Read more.

Enterprise Document Management Software Implementation Steps (Part 1)

Successful enterprise document management software implementation projects have many similar elements and characteristics. It’s important that you understand your requirements, identify your goals, select the right product, manage the implementation project, define the project scope, establish executive support, make changes to existing policies and procedures, provide training, consider security, and evaluate infrastructure requirements. Read more.

Enterprise Document Management Software Implementation Steps (Part 2)

In part 2 we will discuss the second half of the suggested implementation steps through go-live and beyond to ensure your organization recognizes the benefits and the expected ROI of your documents management software implementation project. Read more.

Epicor ERP Express Edition Replaces Legacy Software for Leading Commercial Bakery

Over 100 years after their first loaf of bread came out of the coal-fired oven that began it all, one of today’s largest privately owned commercial bakeries in North America chose Epicor ERP Express to bring their ERP system into the modern world in order to cut costs and keep pace with company growth, they ditched their legacy systems and made the move to Epicor ERP Express Edition. Read more.

Building a Business Case for Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP

Do you have easy access to your business and information systems or do you have to use various software for different processes? Are these problems leading to longer and more difficult accounting and operational tasks? Is your information technology complex, time-consuming, and disconnected? Are your sales results or customer satisfaction suffering? Read more.

Wealth and Asset Management Firms Thrive with Sage Intacct

You need to integrate data from different systems, calculate fair market value and net asset value, monitor cash-on-cash performance, consolidate results across multiple operating companies, and create timely and actionable reports. You need a true cloud-based accounting system for investment management. Read more.

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