October 11 | Face Your Fears Day

What are you afraid of? According to fearof.net, approximately 5% of Americans have a phobia. The website lists the top 10 phobias as spiders, snakes, heights, crowded spaces, dogs, thunder/lighting, small spaces, germs, flying, and holes. A few new technology phobias have appeared recently compliments of the Irish Examiner. We like these too much not to share them with you all. Some common phobias you might find in the workplace are highlighted below.

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Glossophobia: The fear of public speaking

Atychiphobia: The fear of failure

Xenophobia: The fear of the unknown

Achievemephobia: The fear of success

Metathesiophobia: The fear of change

Technophobia: The fear of technology

Ergophobia: The fear of work

Telephonophobia: The fear of telephones

Allodoxaphobia: The fear of opinions

Cyberphobia: The fear of computers

Numerophobia: The fear of numbers

Vistaphobia: The fear of software updates

Chrometophobia: The fear of money

Decidophobia: The fear of making decisions.

Papyrophobia: The fear of paper

Nomophobia: Proposed name for the fear of not having your mobile phone

Pinaciphobia: The fear of lists (yikes! run away!)

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