Pairing Business Intelligence with ERP

Accessing data and reports regarding processes in a business has become a must-have in all industries. When it comes to implementing best practices, having the numbers for every sector of a business ensures that any problems that may arise are cut off quickly. Using an ERP system for data is good, but it’s not the only solution. To have great data, pairing your ERP system with business intelligence solutions is the best option.

Especially for manufacturers who are always looking ahead and forecasting demand, having that insight is crucial. If a manufacturer went through all of this data manually and analyzed it on their own, this would eat up a good chunk of time. This inefficient way of pulling data isn’t just problematic from a time and money stand point, but with all the business intelligence options out there, it simply doesn’t make sense.

What to Look For In BI

Older business intelligence tools were difficult for users to get used to, if not already technically inclined. Today’s options are clean and simple, and can do a lot more to help out a business than before. The interface for many of these software options are intuitive and can automate a lot of tasks for you.
When looking for a business intelligence software to integrate with your ERP software, it should have the functions of reporting, budgeting, dashboards and data warehousing. You should be able to create detailed reports regarding processes, operations, shipping, logistics and warehouse management easily. Further, these should be automatically entered into easily digestible visual reports that can be easily understood by even the least technically advanced in the group.

Pairing ERP with BI

Using a business intelligence software with your ERP system not only can enhance your business model or processes, but the way you use your ERP system as well. An ERP system should make employees lives easier, and streamline the everyday tasks that would otherwise be time consuming and cumbersome. Using a business intelligence software in tandem with an ERP system lets you know that your ERP system is actually working properly and making your employees lives easier. You will be able to tap into run-times and productivity levels, proving your ERP investment was worth it.

Pairing an ERP system with business intelligence software strengthens both of the systems. You will gain insight into how you’re running your business and create better communication among departments to fix any problems that may arise. Simply put, using an ERP system with a business intelligence software is the best way to put your data to use.

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