Gain control and visibility around your contract and subscription billing. Growing revenue with flexible pricing models just got easier. Whether you are looking for greater automation in Pricing and billing, tighter integration with your automated revenue recognition, or a seamless data flow between Salesforce and your financials, Sage Intacct Contract Billing lets you tailor Pricing and billing schedules to fit your business model.


Choose from a range of automated pricing and billing models

Don’t let billing complexity stand in the way of driving revenue in your company. Eliminate labor-intensive manual calculations with built-in tiered pricing and usage-based billing. You save time and drive revenue with models that match the complexity of your business. From billing across regular periods to non-linear billing, like milestones, you have the flexibility to adapt pricing and billing to the best revenue process for your business. You also enjoy constant visibility into your billing progress with billing by classification reports.

You have regulatory compliance needs in how you recognize revenue regardless of the billing that works best for your business. With your billing and revenue recognition tied together through the contract, you can automatically recognize revenue as performance obligations are met.

Use your Salesforce CRM to enter contract information and synchronize with your financials in real time. Maintain templates and schedules in your financial system, while providing billing and payments visibility to salespeople. Keep everyone up to date on the progress of your financial relationship with the customer.


Billing & Renewals Automation

Set up automated billing schedules to bill when you want—monthly, annually, or define a custom, non-linear schedule.

Automatically trigger contract renewals as the contract end date approaches.

Reuse preferred contract settings and save time by creating a new contract from an existing one.

Automate the accounting for contract add-ons, change orders, and cancellations.

Flexible pricing models

Use a simple amount or use a combination of a quantity, rate, multiplier, or discount to calculate the amount for you.

Bill customers based on usage either by entering usage information or passing usage in through an integrated tracking application.

Set billing rates to charge for usage in groups of a thousand.

Set discount tiers based on purchase volume.

Charge a minimum fee and combine it with usage-based billing.

Designate a certain number of units as non-billable, and tiered pricing for overages will trigger when the customer exceeds that number of units.

Seamless quote-to-cash

Start your revenue processes and define contract billing in Salesforce and see the contract details reflected in Sage Intacct without rekeying information.

Billing details drive revenue recognition, including accounting for multi-element arrangements and fair pricing requirements.

Speedup and simplify renewals by setting them from within Salesforce.


See all the billing, revenue, and expense accounting associated with a contract in one place – not loosely tied together through customization scripts.

Enjoy visibility into past, present, and forecast billing and deferred revenues at a contract and contract detail level.

Run detailed reports individually or on dashboards to give stakeholders a clear picture of your billing progress.

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Find out how the Sage Intacct best-in-class cloud ERP solution streamlines operations and provides real-time insights, boosting productivity and growth.View key Sage Intacct features and functionality for managing the complex revenue recognition practices required by software and subscription-based businesses.

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