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Earlier this summer, Solver announced the release of BI360 Cloud. The ability to leverage cloud capabilities is exciting to business intelligence users. “Organizations around the globe are increasingly relying on the cloud to streamline and expand their business,” said Nils Rasmussen, Solver CEO. There are multiple reasons that BI360 cloud will simplify business intelligence and analytics processes.

No Installation

Many businesses are experiencing the need to upgrade devices at a much faster rate, making application installs more tedious. BI360 cloud does not require any installation, saving IT staff time and money. The only thing that a cloud user needs to access the software is an internet connection. The cloud makes access easy for people that want to view reports while traveling or on multiple devices.

Convenient Navigation

How many reports do you check on a daily basis? Weekly? The BI360 cloud portal remembers the last few reports that were accessed. This can save tons of time if it’s imperative to check something quickly. Recent reports are displayed on the left hand side of the application, making it easy to find what you need. The portal retains previous versions of reports for accessibility. Documents are stored in easy to find folders within the portal. The best way to understand the functionality of BI360 cloud is to see it. Watch the video below to see the navigation of BI360 cloud.

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Easy Login

The amount of credentials and passwords to remember is overwhelming. Luckily, the cloud version of BI360 remembers a user after one sign in. Users won’t have to go through the process of logging in each time they want to access the application. A user doesn’t need to sign in to VPN to access reports.Not sure what business intelligence can do for you? Learn more about different solutions. Explore BI

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