Tampico Spice discovers a sharper view into its business with Sage 100

“Our reports allow us to do more accurate ordering. About half of the spices we carry, like cardamom and chili pods, have a single harvest season. We can only order once a year. If we guess wrong and order too little, we have to scramble to find alternatives. With Sage 100, we can offer our customers the consistent quality they expect and improve profitability at the same time.”

-Frank Rubin, Controller, Tampico Spice

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Don’t just take our word for it. Discover how Sage 100 enabled Tampico Spice to make more accurate forecasts, improve ordering processes, and streamline financial reporting.

Tampico Spice discovers a sharper view into its business with Sage 100

It was 1947, and Jesus Martinez couldn’t find the bagged spices he wanted in Southern California grocery stores.

Recognizing an unmet market need, he founded Tampico Spice with a $50 investment. Over time, it would develop into a multimillion-dollar company. Like many growing businesses, Tampico was planning for the future while struggling to manage capital requests and budgetary processes. Management needed up-to-date information and a holistic view of company operations, but their accounting system was holding them back.

While searching for a replacement, Frank Rubin, the controller at Tampico Spice, discovered Sage 100. “The technical support was much better than anything else we ’d seen, and we were confident in the platform stability. We’ve switched and have been happy ever since.

“Sage 100 is a very good system. The phone support is excellent. We can expand our system whenever we need to. Given all these benefits, we intend to stick with Sage 100 throughout the foreseeable future.”

-Frank Rubin, Controller, Tampico Spice

Harvesting the benefits of Sage 100

Sage 100 serves as an end-to-end business solution for Tampico Spice, tracking everything from anise seeds to turmeric. As customer service representatives take orders over the phone, they input the data into the Sage 100 Sales Order module. That information is automatically converted into an invoice, which is mailed out when the product ships.

Sage 100 is set up to track all receivables and notify Rubin when invoices are 60 days overdue. The software can even generate labels for promotional mailings.

Tampico Spice also added Sage Fixed Assets to the solution. Rubin uses it to verify fixed asset calculations prepared by the CPA for monthly journal entries, which show current valuations of machinery, office equipment, cars, and trucks.

Rubin appreciates the system’s flexible report writing features, which lets him create month-end financials and many custom reports such as sales by item, sales by customer and item, and annual summaries by customer and item.

Sage 100 tells Rubin exactly what Tampico sold last year so he can forecast with great confidence. This translates into substantial savings and has also improved customer satisfaction.

Detailed customer reports are invaluable when it comes to pricing, too. Rubin can determine when volume discounts are appropriate. He uses Sage 100 when deciding whom to send product literature to, avoiding the expense of mailing to smaller purchasers. Sometimes customers request annual analyses as well, which he can now easily provide.

If you’re ready to take control of the future with a new business management solution, please get in touch. As a licensed Sage Partner, we can custom-build a program to suit your specific needs.


Obtain an end-to-end, stable business solution to strategically manage a multimillion-dollar manufacturing and distribution operation for maximum quality and profitability.


Sage 100, including core financial, distribution, and manufacturing modules


Streamlined automation and data flow, flexible report writing, more precise forecasting, increased profitability and sustained quality, accurate fixed assets, more strategic management.

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