The 3 Biggest Benefits of Integrated Payment Processing

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Merchants today are savvy and know the importance of getting the best deal they can for payment processing.  What many merchants fail to realize is how critical integrated payment processing can be to streamline workflows and save money. There’s no easier or better way to improve your bottom line than implementing an integrated payments solution that works with the business systems you already use today.

Integrated payments enable you to save time and money, benefit from Level 3 discounted rates for B2B transactions, and provide an omni-channel processing environment.

Level 3 Processing

Level 3 processing can result in massive savings on your B2B or B2G transactions. 

To take advantage of the Level 3 discount, your processing first needs to be on “Interchange Plus” rather than a flat rate pricing model. Interchange Plus Pricing plans pass the interchange costs directly onto you with a fixed and transparent markup. Thus, saving you money over a flat rate or tiered rate pricing plan.

Qualifying for Level 3 enables even further savings but requires the merchant to submit additional data points.  It is easy to pass these additional data points for Level 3 when you work with a processor that offers integrated payment processing.  This is because the integrated payment processor will automatically pass along all the Level 3 data with the ERP and eCommerce integration.  Thus, streamlining the payment process by avoiding manual entry, as well as saving money and time integrating directly with your ERP or eCommerce systems. 


In addition to securing the best rates and taking full advantage of Level 3 discounts, there are many features to consider to find the right processor for your business.

Your payment solution can impact:

Your payment solution should feature:

Products designed for you and your customers to love; such as APS ClickToPay, which helps customers pay their invoices quickly, securely, and easily with just the touch of a button.


As businesses look to simplify their processing, all-in-one payment solutions are steadily increasing in demand. Omni-channel and all-in-one payments providers can provide far-reaching and flexible coverage for almost any merchant that is looking to simplify their processing. 

In business to business, you might have a couple of different ways that you’re processing payments. You might have online eCommerce shopping carts, phone orders, ACH and bank-to-bank transfers, mobile, and more. When customers can make payments the way they want, they are more likely to pay faster. 

This simple truth is omni-channel payment processing is an important competitive advantage for your business.  If your payment processor is not offering omni-channel payments, or does not have the payment methods that your business needs, you should look for a new provider. 

APS Payments is an expert in the payments industry and offers custom tailored advice to provide the secure, compliant, and simple to use payment solutions that your company needs. APS Payments seamlessly integrates with Sage 500, Sage 100, and other leading ERP and eCommerce solutions to automatically submit required data and reduce manual entry. APS Payments is leading the way in the payments industry by providing omni-channel payments, 24/7 customer support, and up-to-date technology for thousands of merchants. 

Ready to get started today with an integrated payments solution?  Watch these videos to learn about Integrated Payments for your ERP!

Integrated Payments for Sage 500

Integrated Payments for Sage 100