Usability and Flexibility Remain Prime Target for Growing Distributors

Excess inventory, supply chain hiccups and evolving customer requirements. Yet you’re still using outdated distribution technology and basic accounting software to grow your company. Sage 100 is the modern ERP solution that’s flexible enough for distributor customizations and backed by an intuitive and easy-to-use UI.   

Without a doubt, the last few years have been tough for wholesale distribution management companies. Those making it through know the competition remains fierce and that the rise of ubiquitous automation means growing distributors need an edge. Distribution operations looking at ERP systems often lose sight of the critical factors that go into selecting the right distributor software solution. 

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to demo each system for quantitative data to compare all the options. The best solution for your enterprise meets your financial and operational needs while delivering a competitive advantage, but in the end, distributors wind up evaluating too many systems with too many features, leaving them in a perpetual state of analyzing new software.  

A growing distribution company depends heavily on its ERP, so choosing the best ERP software requires some effort to narrow down the field of options. The most effective path to the right ERP includes focusing on usability and flexibility, here we drill down on some of the major points.

Choosing for Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the more significant factors in the adoption of distribution ERP software, so you’ll want to understand the capabilities that you value most. What are your functional requirements? Your top tier, highest priority requirements might include industry-specific capabilities.

Sage 100 distributor capabilities include: 

  • Inventory Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Bar Code
  • Return Merchandise Authorization

Some organizations equate flexibility and scalability. Is your ERP flexible enough to grow with you? How can you create standardization across your entire enterprise? If scalability is a business requirement, you’ve eliminated many available systems that are not flexible enough for your goals. 

Combining essential ERP accounting features with inventory management and supply chain analytics, all from the convenience of the cloud, Sage 100 helps you to streamline operations with control and visibility at every stage of business.

Choosing for Usability

ERP solutions are designed with modern workflows in mind, but you’ll need to dive into a new ERP’s usability to get a feel for how easy it is to navigate. Industry-specific applications work hard to align with how a business might use its platform, so whether you are a beginner or expert business system user, these should be intuitive.

Sage 100 offers a complete, easy-to-use solution for companies that need to automate processes, connect employees, and gain business insight. From an interactive dashboard, distributors can manage everything within a few clicks.


An important usability factor is integration capabilities. How open is the architecture, and how well will your new ERP integrate with third-party systems? Distributors often rely on outside regulatory management or tracking systems, so you’ll need to know that your core ERP system can communicate with these other third party systems. 

Sage 100 integrates with leading apps that allow you to eliminate costly production delays by automating purchasing, inventory and production tasks, including generating purchase orders and work tickets.

Selecting Sage 100 for Success

Selecting a new ERP software is a complicated process that must be handled carefully with usability and flexibility at the forefront. These key factors increase the system’s longevity as an effective tool for your business today and into tomorrow. 

The growth benefits of cloud accounting software in distribution ERP are many, including saving time, improved productivity and reducing costs. Sage 100 is the distributor management solution flexible enough to meet your needs as you respond to opportunities and challenges in an evolving landscape. 

e2b teknologies is a Sage Authorized partner. We customize, implement, and support Sage 100 ERP software for a wide range of distributor and manufacturing operations. The sooner your business adapts to the new normal of cloud-computing, the further ahead of the competition you’ll find yourself. 

Find out how we can take you to peak performance on the warehouse floor, in the accounting department, and across your entire footprint with Sage 100.

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