Building a Business Case for Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP


Do you have easy access to your business and information systems or do you have to use various software for different processes? Are these problems leading to longer and more difficult accounting and operational tasks? Is your information technology complex, time-consuming, and disconnected? Are your sales results or customer satisfaction suffering? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is quite possible that your organization is ready to implement the proper ERP system. Within this whitepaper, you will discover the difference between manufacturers operating with an ERP software and those without, and several benefits that food and beverage manufacturers receive through ERP.

Is ERP the Answer?

The first step in building your business case for ERP is to identify if such a system will help you address your problems. While ERP software can be an essential tool for organizations that want to advance in the market place, it’s not a blanket solution for every problem, Here are a few things to think about when deciding whether or not ERP is your answer.

Growth. When a company reaches a certain size the way they did business previously may not apply to the increased competition, sales volume or increased complexity that comes along with it. An ERP system can help you keep up. For example, an Aberdeen Group Survey declared that 88% of midmarket organizations that do not currently have ERP software can no longer track business processes effectively. ERP software comes equipped with the tools and automation to help you change that.

Further, if you’re experiencing difficulty with your current processes such as heavy reliance on spreadsheets, multiple disparate systems, excessive manual processes and duplicate data entry; then ERP can be your solution.

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