Why Modern Technology Is Crucial for Your Manufacturing Business

Finding technological solutions for real-world business problems has been commonplace since the Industrial Revolution began. Perhaps most noticeable in the manufacturing industry, technological innovation has transformed everything from individual production line machinery to general warehouse management and administrative tools.

The path to long-term success includes inevitable technological upgrades, but no technology has as much impact on manufacturing businesses as modern ERP solutions do.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is how companies manage and integrate essential business processes. Directly affecting a manufacturer’s bottom line, ERP integrates separate business processes into one solution for a single source of real-time, accurate information readily accessible to company leadership.

For manufacturers, this integration of various applications enables highly functional dashboards that simultaneously monitor multiple key metrics.

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Human Resources
  • Analytics and Reporting

With today’s competitive landscape, purpose-built ERP technology helps you optimize and automate your core manufacturing business processes, so everyone in your organization accomplishes more.

Here’s how:

Expanded Automation – Smart technology is changing the face of automation. Automated assembly lines, while undoubtedly beneficial, are no longer sufficient in themselves to ensure a manufacturer remains competitive and profitable. These systems only constitute one part of the manufacturing picture, with departments like accounting, sales, and human resources actively playing a role in maintaining success.

These vital business processes are often overlooked and neglected while focusing on automating shop-floor machinery (largely due to affordability and the limited applications of emergent automation technologies). However, over the past several years, developments in artificial intelligence have expanded opportunities for automation into business areas where they had previously been impractical or outright impossible.

From payroll to procurement, and almost everywhere in between, ERP software solutions apply the capabilities of smart technologies across the spectrum of manufacturing operations to increase efficiency and optimize processes.

Focused IT Cost – While ERP integration may require a significant initial investment, the unification of disparate technology systems into one homogenous ERP solution provides long-term cost-saving opportunities that generate substantial returns. One of those returns is the savings on IT, reducing the need for dedicated staff, infrastructure, support teams, and product licenses.

Complete Visibility – Modern manufacturing ERP solutions give you full visibility over operations with real-time data across a range of key metrics. Cross-departmental data is consolidated in one easy-to-access dashboard, providing intuitive graphs, charts, and other graphical displays that make interpreting data more efficient and effective.

For manufacturers, a comprehensive ERP software solution will include all the functional applications of an inventory management system to provide the most accurate business data as quickly as possible. By significantly increasing the reliability of critical information across the board, you drastically improve strategic decision-making posture, get peace of mind, and ease the strain caused by unforeseen events like product recalls.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

With the manufacturing industry rebounding from an economically disastrous global pandemic that saw many businesses close down for good, the imperative to maintain momentum moving forward is intense.

Manufacturing ERP solutions are a crucial step in this process.

Giving industry leaders the information and tools they need to:

  • Optimize facilities
  • Maximize profits
  • Keep growing

Manufacturing businesses hoping to stay competitive in their respective markets will find that the longer they wait to incorporate modern technologies into their operations, the more expensive and impractical the process will become.

Serving millions of businesses in various industries across the globe, Sage provides modular-based packages that meet the demands of individual businesses, ensuring that companies only pay for the applications and services they actually need.

Sage ERP packages even provide cloud-based computing solutions, automatically upgrading relevant system applications, and eliminating the need for costly hardware installations that can interrupt the flow of operations.

e2b teknologies is your partner for next-generation enterprise software to help save you time by automating business processes and streamlining workflows. Today’s ERP systems boost productivity while keeping costs down, resulting in a more competitive, agile, and responsive operation. Contact our team of ERP experts when you’re ready to begin your ERP software evaluation process.



e2b teknologies is a passionate and experienced team of industry leaders and business advisers providing thought provoking information to better inform manufacturing companies of advancements within the industry and how it can benefit your business.

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e2b teknologies is a passionate and experienced team of industry leaders and business advisers providing expert insight, informing companies of advancements within the industry and how they can benefit from them.