• Sage | Sage X3
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    Sage | Sage X3

    Sage X3 (formerly Adonix) Status: Actively Maintained & Sold Sage X3 is the flagship ERP business software from Sage for the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) market. Sage X3 is one of the few systems available that supports distribution and both discrete and process manufacturing from a single application code-base making it a popular

  • Update Your Parents Browser Day
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    Update Your Parents Browser Day

    A few years back someone came up with this holiday for more tech savvy youth to help their less techie parents to update their browsers. We like this idea (many of our parents still struggle with technology). But we recommend doing more than just running updates on the browser. Here are a few things you

  • National Entrepreneurship Month, Week, and Day
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    National Entrepreneurship Month, Week, and Day

    Entrepreneurs are the true innovators in our world. From technology start-ups to inventors of manufactured products – most businesses started with an idea and someone taking a huge chance to do something different. Many of our ERP customers grew from humble beginnings in someone’s garage or basement but today they have grown their businesses and

  • International Project Management Day
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    International Project Management Day

    Today is International Project Management Day, celebrated the first Thursday in November annually to bring awareness to project-driven businesses and project managers in every industry including who contribute their time, energy, creativity, innovation, and countless hours to deliver products and services around the world. The international project management day is intended to encourage project based

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