Why Choose e2b teknologies?

How do you know who the best fit is for your organization?

Below are some of the many reasons our customers chose us.
Perhaps they’re the same reasons we may be the right partner for you:

Industry Expertise

Our team includes senior consultants, software engineers, project managers, and support technicians with an average of ten years’ experience guiding our customers as they navigate through deciding the right software for their business.

Innovative Solutions

Similar to the evaluation process, companies have different needs when it comes to implementing business applications. Our team is focused on your success with custom tailored implementation projects designed to your specific needs, experience level, budget, and timeframe.

Custom Development

Our team works with you to understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and if it makes sense, we address your needs by developing custom business software to satisfy them. Your custom business software will be designed and approved before we ever start developing the custom application.

Dedicated Support

Our team analysts help determine the appropriate resource to handle each support case, whether they are in-house or from the software publishers themselves. Our objective is to do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every service interaction you have with our team.

What Sets Us Apart!

When it comes to enterprise software solutions, selection is everything. It all comes down to the final system selection, but before that comes many other choices. From choosing your ERP project team, evaluating your software options, choosing a vendor, and everything in between. It’s a hassle, but it’s worth it. By taking your time to methodically evaluate all of your options and ticking off the check boxes along the way, you will end up with a solution that’s going to give you the best possible results. What is the best way to make the right ERP selection? By asking a lot of questions.

Benefits of using ERP

ERP Software Comparison

There are a lot of ERP options on the market. Some are fit for smaller companies, while some are made for hundreds of users in a massive company. Some are best suited in certain industries like process manufacturing, while others have basic functions.

Have You Outgrown Your Old Accounting System?

As the size, complexity, and pace of your business grow, so do your frustrations. That accounting system you relied on to manage finances and operations has, over time, gradually become a barrier to growth and efficiency.

10 Signs You’re Ready for ERP

Maybe you have considered switching to an ERP system and are on the fence. Or maybe you haven’t even considered going the ERP route, but you know you need a better way to manage your company as it continues to grow. The big question that many companies have is when do you know it’s time for ERP? With such a huge investment between time and money, no one wants.

Common ERP Selection Mistakes

Software selection and implementation can be one of the most costly and time consuming projects that your company embarks on. That’s why it’s imperative your ERP selection process is done right. You need to plan for every step of this process and have complete understanding of things like your budget, time required, people involved, and resources required.

Helpful ERP Evaluation Resources

33 Question Checklist for ERP Selection

When it comes to enterprise software solutions, selection is everything. Here are 33 of the most important ones as you select your system, your vendor, and plan your ERP implementation project.

Common ERP selection Mistakes

According to industry reports, an average implementation duration takes 16.6 months, with 43% of implementations taking longer than initially planned.

ERP Software Evaluation Tips

8 important ERP software comparison and evaluation tips to help you pick out the right solution for your organization as well as a chart to help you compare some of the leading solutions on the market today.