• The New ERP Expert
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    The New ERP Expert

    Traditionally, when someone is looking for an accountant they’re looking for someone with a background in the field, experience, schooling, and maybe some Excel skills. As long as you were good at your job and some basic computer skills, you were a great fit for any open accounting job. Fast forward to the 21st century.

  • How to Make the Move from Spreadsheets to ERP
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    How to Make the Move from Spreadsheets to ERP

    Most small businesses start out by managing everything in spreadsheets. Why not? They are cheap and everyone already knows how to use a spreadsheet, even if it is just in the most basic sense. This is an okay method of tracking data, until the business starts to grow and the data starts to grow. Spreadsheets

  • The ERP Options: Tier One
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    The ERP Options: Tier One

    We’ve covered just about every area of the market to show you what the major players and ERP options there are. First, we covered Entry-Level solutions like QuickBooks and Xero. Then, we moved on to small business solutions like Sage 100 and NetSuite. In the small to medium enterprise space, we took a look at

  • The ERP Options: Small and Medium Enterprises
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    The ERP Options: Small and Medium Enterprises

    In this blog series we have gone over quite a few different vendors, all the way from the smallest entry level systems through those major players in the small business space. We’ve taken a look at some great traditional ERP systems that are available both on-premise or in the cloud, as well as some exclusively

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