• Why Accountants Should Embrace AI
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    Why Accountants Should Embrace AI

    The introduction of new technology has a way of disrupting business processes and the expectations of the professionals who benefit from it. As the solutions offered by artificial intelligence (AI) become all the hype, accountants and finance professionals seem to be either hopping on board or being left behind. With AI bringing so many opportunities

  • Survival Tips for Nonprofit Financial Management
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    Survival Tips for Nonprofit Financial Management

    With limited resources, most nonprofit financial management teams are stretched thin. Every month-end, quarter-end, and year-end, the team is under enormous pressure to complete financial reporting while still keeping up with a myriad of other tasks. Technology should reduce this burden, but sometimes, it feels like you have to fight the accounting system to get

  • The Impact of AI on CPAs
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    The Impact of AI on CPAs

    AI has received a significant amount of attention lately. It may seem like an intimidating topic, but AI simply represents a computer program or suite of programs that allow computers to replicate human behavior or insights. The implementation of AI across the industry will have profound impacts on accounting, data management processes, and other businesses

  • ERP Must-Haves for Manufacturing
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    ERP Must-Haves for Manufacturing

    Even established manufacturing companies can find themselves with multiple cobbled together by separate business technology solutions. This setup worked for the early stages and may continue to work in the short term but every manufacturer comes to an inevitable conclusion when extensive workarounds from outdated system functions can’t support current needs. Systems that aren’t able

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