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    There are dozens of customer relationship management (CRM) systems available today ranging from simple systems like Insight.ly to large, complex applications like Salesforce.com. The CRM you choose will depend greatly on your industry and specific business needs. What’s good for a manufacturer isn’t necessarily good for a professional service firm and you should strongly consider


    SKODA MINOTTI David Mustin is a partner in the Management Consulting Services practice of Skoda Minotti, a national business advisory firm dedicated to helping clients grow and achieve financial success. He has over 25 years of strategy and transformation consulting experience with Ernst & Young, A.T. Kearney, BearingPoint, and Stafford Snyder. While at BearingPoint, he

    QBUILD SOFTWARE Naoki Tokuhashi is an expert in CAD-ERP integration with over 4 years of sales and consulting experience at QBuild Software, #1 CAD-ERP integrator in North America. He has helped discrete manufacturing companies across the globe save engineering time and improve BOM data accuracy in Epicor and Sage ERP. His background is in mechanical

    SOLVER Sal is Vice President of Business Development at Solver and a subject matter expert in Corporate Performance Management. Sal is a graduate of the University of Akron and has an MBA from Cleveland State University. He has been working on software and technology for over 20 years and brings a wealth of practical experience

    KNOWLEDGESYNC As OEM Program Manager for Vineyardsoft the developers of KnowledgeSync, a solution that’s been rebranded in 40 + different ERP, CRM and HRMS publishers globally Greg brings twenty six years of hands-on sales and marketing experience in the sales representative and software distribution environment, building and maintaining strategic relationships with global OEM partners and

    ALTEC Laura Lechien joined Altec in May of 2014 as a Sales Director. She is a graduate of the National University of Irvine, CA with a Bachelor of Business Administration with Emphasis in Marketing (BBA). Laura has over 18 years of experience in workflow automation and enterprise content management, working with Corporate America and government


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