Study: Nonprofits Navigate Ongoing Financial Challenges and the Role of Technology

At the heart of the challenging financial landscape faced by nonprofits lie concerns around program funding, financial support, and the willingness of community partners to continue their participation.


Highlighted in a recent study, these issues indicate a need for robust, effective solutions​​.


What can assist these nonprofits in innovating and improving their financial management in an era where funding levels fluctuate and funding sources diversify?


Enter Sage Intacct. As a leading cloud-based financial management software, Sage Intacct offers an array of tools designed to streamline and simplify the complex financial operations of nonprofit organizations. But how can this platform help nonprofits navigate their current challenges?


Understanding the Nonprofit Financial Challenges

The UHY study sheds light on the financial challenges that nonprofit organizations are currently facing. Among the most pressing concerns for senior leaders in nonprofits are program funding, financial support, and the willingness of community partners to continue their participation. These concerns underscore the uncertainty and complexity that surrounds nonprofit financial management in the present economic climate​.


More specifically, the study found that funding levels for most nonprofits have either stayed the same or decreased over the past year. The largest reduction was seen in individual contributions, pointing to a shifting landscape of funding sources that nonprofits must navigate​​.


Nonprofit Innovations and Improvements

Despite these challenges, nonprofit managers are not standing still. They are constantly reviewing their strategies and exploring new ways to improve. Over the past year, many nonprofits have attempted to innovate or revitalize their service lines, alter their mission statements, and target new populations. This proactive approach to change highlights nonprofits’ resilience and commitment to making a positive impact, even in the face of financial adversity​.


Connection between Funding and Volunteer Support

One interesting insight from the study is the close tie between funding and volunteer support. Many nonprofit managers rely heavily on volunteers for a range of activities, from running fundraising campaigns and planning events to informing their target audience. This dependency illustrates how financial and human resources are intertwined in the nonprofit sector, and how fluctuations in one can significantly impact the other​​.


Navigate these Challenges with Sage Intacct

The financial challenges facing nonprofits are multifaceted, so understanding these challenges is the first step toward finding effective solutions.


Streamlining Financial Management and Reporting

One of the most immediate ways Sage Intacct can help navigate nonprofit financial challenges is by streamlining financial management and reporting.


Through its intuitive interface and powerful analytics, nonprofits can gain a clear, comprehensive understanding of their funding levels, including:

  • tracking trends in funding
  • identifying areas of increase or decrease
  • developing detailed financial reports that can guide strategic decision-making


Through a real-time view of financial health, nonprofits can respond proactively to changes in funding​.


Managing Diverse Funding Sources

Sage Intacct can also play a crucial role in managing diverse funding sources. With funding reductions seen in areas such as individual contributions, nonprofits need to manage and diversify their funding sources effectively.


Sage Intacct provides tools for tracking and reporting on different types of revenue, from individual and corporate contributions to grants and other forms of support. This allows nonprofits to see where their funding is coming from, identify potential risk areas, and develop strategies to mitigate funding loss​​.


Supporting Volunteer Management and Event Planning

In addition to its financial management capabilities, Sage Intacct offers features that can assist in volunteer management and event planning. Given the close connection between funding and volunteer support, nonprofits can benefit greatly from a tool that integrates these two critical areas.


With Sage Intacct, nonprofits can manage their volunteers, plan and track events, and evaluate the impact of these activities on their overall funding. This helps ensure that volunteer efforts are aligned with the organization’s financial goals, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness​​.

The Future of Nonprofit Financial Management

By addressing these key areas of concern, nonprofits get a powerful, integrated solution that can help navigate financial challenges and continue to positively impact their communities.


Forecasting and Planning for the Future

As nonprofits navigate an unpredictable economic landscape, the ability to plan for the future becomes crucial. Sage Intacct excels in this regard with its advanced forecasting and budgeting tools. These features allow organizations to create financial models based on current and historical data, helping them prepare for potential future scenarios, including recessions. The forecasting tools can model possible changes in funding levels, enabling nonprofits to develop contingency plans and maintain their operations even during financial downturns​​.


Embracing Technology for Greater Efficiency

The future of nonprofit management also involves embracing technology to its full potential. Interestingly, the UHY study found that technology limitations ranked low on the list of nonprofit managers’ concerns.


This could suggest that leadership teams are either fully utilizing available technology or that it simply isn’t a significant concern for them​​.


However, with tools like Sage Intacct, the power of technology can be leveraged to improve financial management and overall efficiency in nonprofits. From automating routine tasks to providing real-time financial insights, Sage Intacct can reduce administrative burdens and allow teams to focus more on their mission and less on manual financial processes.


The future of nonprofit financial management is likely to be shaped by advances in technology and the increasing need for accurate financial data and forecasting. With its robust suite of features designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits, Sage Intacct is well-positioned to help organizations navigate these evolving challenges.


Leading the Way

The financial challenges facing nonprofits today are complex and multifaceted. From uncertainties around program funding to the need for continued community participation, these organizations require robust, efficient solutions to navigate their financial landscape. Sage Intacct, with its comprehensive suite of financial management tools, offers a way forward.


Sage Intacct not only streamlines financial management and reporting, but it also aids in managing diverse funding sources and supporting volunteer management and event planning.


Its advanced forecasting and budgeting tools further enable nonprofits to prepare for future scenarios and continue their important work, even in the face of financial adversity.


Looking ahead, it’s clear that the role of technology in nonprofit financial management will only grow. Tools like Sage Intacct offer an effective way for nonprofits to leverage this technology, enhance their financial management, and ultimately fulfill their missions more efficiently and effectively. The future of nonprofit financial management is here, and Sage Intacct is leading the way.


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