QuickBooks ProAdvisors know the product very well and the best of the best know all the secrets to making the affordable accounting software do things that most people didn’t know it could do.
Better Bottom Line provides a fantastic eBook called “27 Power Tips Every QuickBooks User Should Know” for just $19. We’re pretty sure you’ll find at least one tip that will save you much more than that in time savings.

The book covers many general topics from financial reporting to database file protection; creation and utilization of user defined fields; hidden gems like to-do lists and reminders; import utilities, and filters to find transactions faster and easier. It is designed to help QuickBooks users to:

Scott Gregory at Better Bottom Line has a wealth of additional resources available on their website that should be worth a look for any and all QuickBooks users.Face it, we live in an as-it-happens world. Read more about the 7 steps to a faster better close.