Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module 101

There are so many different modules that exist in different ERP systems. Two modules in two different ERP systems may have the exact same function but completely different names. This can get extremely confusing, especially when you are trying to decide what ERP system would be the best fit for your company. In this blog post, we are going to highlight some of the most important features in an Advanced Planning and Scheduling module so you can decide if the ERP system you’re considering will be able to get the job done.

  1. Multiple Schedule Versions

    If you’re a multi-facility company, these versions should be available in an online format for easy editing and access by all who need it. Since there are multiple schedule versions available, you can easily create schedules based on the facility or “what-if?” schedules, to test out additional shifts or cut backs.

  2. Industry Standard Rules

    Depending on what kind of manufacturing you do, or what manufacturing model you use, there will be a certain standard to follow to meet customer expectations. An advanced planning and scheduling module should be able to meet the demands of your industry by allowing custom scheduling rules.

  3. Schedule Flexibility

    An advanced scheduling and planning module should not lock you into a certain type of scheduling. You should have multiple options, from user defined stop and start dates, to schedule design options, rescheduling and more. The module should be easy to use and flexible to the way your company runs.

  4. Drag and Drop Scheduling

    The easier the advanced planning and scheduling module is to use, the more efficient your company can be. The module should allow for you to easily move schedule operations backwards or forwards by dragging and dropping, move machines and operations around and rearranging work centers.

  5. MRP Integration

    The advanced planning and scheduling module within the ERP system you choose should have a simple integration to MRP. Without easy integration, you will have data all over the place and it will create more manual work.

Although every module in an ERP system may not work exactly the same as the next, they should have certain basic functions that will help you to work more efficiently. If the advanced planning and scheduling module is not flexible to your company or cannot integrate with MRP, you won’t get much out of it. Check to make sure the ERP system you are considering has these basic advanced planning and scheduling module functions.

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