Cambridge Healthcare Management Automates HR for 1,000 Employees Across 4 Locations

“We like the flexibility, security, and control of running payroll in house, and with the help of Sage HRMS Payroll, we’re able to make it happen very cost effectively.”

– Cambridge Healthcare Management

Cambridge Healthcare Management

Cambridge Healthcare Management operates nursing homes and retirement centers throughout the state of Virginia. A commitment to treating both its clients and its employees with respect and dignity underlie everything the company does. With a distributed workforce of over 1,000, and a complex payroll and benefit structure, Cambridge Healthcare Management needs a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that works as hard as it does. Sage HRMS is this organization’s solution of choice.

Confidence in Sage

“We migrated to Sage HRMS from Sage Abra Suite,” recounts Ann Drake, payroll coordinator for Cambridge Healthcare Management. “We evaluated other solutions but have always been confident with our Sage software and felt that Sage HRMS was the best fit for our organization.”

The company worked directly with Sage to implement Sage HRMS, looking to the professional services consulting team to migrate much of its payroll and human resources data from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS and to prepare many of the specialized reports it needs. “We were very pleased with our implementation consultants,” says Drake. “They were responsive and very knowledgeable.”

Lean and efficient

Cambridge Healthcare Management runs its operations in a lean and efficient manner, investing in technology tools to leverage the talents of its staff. Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll are two of those tools, enabling Drake to manage the company’s large payroll without the help of additional personnel. “Using Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll, I am able to handle payroll for the entire organization,” says Drake. “The software helps us automate many of the tasks we’d otherwise have to perform manually.”

With four divisions, the company runs at least one division’s payroll each week. Data from electronic timeclocks at each location is imported into Sage HRMS Payroll, bonuses or adjustments are entered, and checks are printed. “I can complete each payroll quite quickly,” notes Drake. “The various calculations like overtime and shift differential are handled automatically in the system, and the software is flexible enough to handle our various benefit packages.”

The company likes to keep payroll processing in house, and has never considered outsourcing. “We like the flexibility, security, and control of running payroll in house, and with the help of Sage HRMS Payroll, we’re able to make it happen very cost effectively,” says Drake.

Streamline tax filing

Since turning to Sage HRMS, the tasks of generating and filing of tax reports, including multiple different states’ reports, is much simpler. Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix is fully integrated with Sage HRMS Payroll, making the generation and filing of reports quick and easy. “We also use the Aatrix solution to generate W-2s,” notes Drake.

Recommended solution

The centralized database and complete audit trail preserved in Sage HRMS help ensure Cambridge Healthcare Management remains in compliance with all federal and state regulations. With so many regulations governing payroll processing and tax filing, Cambridge Healthcare Management is relieved to know that Sage HRMS is kept continually updated to support compliance with new and changing regulations.

“We are able to produce the information our auditors ask for, in the format they want,” says Drake. “For example, in preparation for our annual 401(k) audit, we run a custom report from the Sage HRMS database that demonstrate our program’s compliance.”

Maintain compliance

With responsive technical and product support combined with fully integrated human resources, benefit management, and payroll processing functionality, Cambridge Healthcare Management has found a solution it can rely on, and recommend to others. “I’ve recommended Sage HRMS to similar companies,” concludes Drake. “It’s a strong and complete HRMS and payroll solution that works very well for companies like ours.”


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