ERP Secures Data in Your Cannabis Business

Given the explosive growth and controversial nature of the cannabis industry, we often hear hot-off-the-press news about changing legislation, new products, and innovative startups among other trending topics, but what about your data? Digital data is playing a growing role in the cannabis industry and with recent major corporate data breaches publicized in the headlines mean the handling and security of your is data coming under increased scrutiny.

A data breach can occur when an unauthorized user gains access to the private data or network within your cannabis operation and can include malicious code hacking, what we commonly think of when hearing of data breaches. However, having hackers behind your firewall aren’t the only data breach hazards threatening your business. Would-be criminals will take any opportunity to capture and misuse private customer data, including passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, medical records, and other sensitive information.

These attacks can happen when an unauthorized user gains physical access to your cannabis data and network or by remotely bypassing network security to access your data. Either way, high-profile corporate data breaches in recent years have called into question a company’s ability to protect its customers’ personal information. As a result, jurisdictions are considering new legislation to mandate the level of data security required to safeguard private data.

Maintaining data security is every cannabis operator’s goal and cannabis enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an important tool in your cybersecurity arsenal. Cannabis ERP systems serve as your unified source of secure, real-time information to bring a top-down business-wide view of your cannabis operation.

Here are some of the ways seed-to-sale ERP software protects you from a data breach:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

If you store patient information, you are required to demonstrate HIPAA compliance which is intended to maintain the security of protected health information (PHI) and medical cannabis data. Collecting, maintaining and accessing sensitive data such as a patient’s contact information, medical diagnosis, and other personal health information is protected under HIPAA with no exceptions.

Cannabis ERP software help cannabis operators maintain standards for HIPAA compliance by ensuring your customer/patient medical records are secure and accessible by only those users with proper access.

User Permissions

Unrestricted access to your data increases your chances of a data breach. To circumvent this, user-based role permissions are needed to provide secured and monitored access to your sensitive data.

Seed-to-sale ERP allows you to restrict access to sensitive information, often through tiered roles, granting access only to those with proper authorization. Today’s cannabis software goes further to offer a level of security enabling you to monitor each process and transaction, by user, throughout your cannabusiness.

Cloud-based Seed-to-sale ERP

There is some misconception that cloud-based cannabis ERP systems are not as secure as their on-premise counterparts. Cannabis operators may get a sense that they have more control over their data and the integrity of its security with on-prem systems, but that’s just not the case.

Cloud-based cannabis ERP systems have all of the necessary security controls with advanced encryption to further prevent cyber attacks from occurring. By leveraging continuous connectivity and resources, cloud-based seed-to-sale ERP helps you to keep your data securely updated as fast as threats are realized and protections are released.

Cannabis ERP Support

No matter how secure your systems are, you need effective support from your software vendor in the event a data breach does occur. Your cannabis ERP vendor is your first line of defense to restore order within your systems in case of attack. Your vendor will be familiar with common problems as well as the nuances of your ERP implementation to get you back in business faster.


Managing your sensitive data with a unified system enables you to uncover issues more quickly and efficiently in the event a data breach occurs. There are certain protocols cannabis companies are required to take to alert authorities, customers, and patients when applicable. Cannabis ERP offers the visibility, tracking and reporting to help you resolve data breach issues and prevent them from resurfacing.

There is a lot that you can do to mitigate or prevent a cyber attack, so remaining prepared for a data breach is should be the priority every cannabis entrepreneur. With seed-to-sale ERP, you’ll rest easy knowing your data remains accessible, protected and secure.
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