PPAP Production Part Approval Process

PPAP or Production part approval process is used in the tier one automotive supply chain to validate production quality with part measurements taken as the parts are produced. PPAP requirements vary by automotive manufacturer but adhere to the standards defined by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) as part of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

PPAP is comprised of a series of documents called the PPAP Package. Documents are typically stored in a binder or electronically and require formal sign-off by an authorized agent of the supplier through the Part Submission Warrant.

Suppliers are required to obtain PPAP approval from the automotive manufacturer when a new or modified component is introduced to production or the manufacturing process is changed to ensure that the new process or part meets the automotive manufacturers needs, is capable of producing a conforming part, and that the production control and quality system will prevent non-conforming parts from reaching the vehicle manufacturer.

The PPAP Package contains many different elements including a printed copy of the detailed engineering drawing which must include inspection details with conforming tolerance values and notes. It must also include historical documents authorizing and detailing engineering changes, and a list of all part dimensions or measurements. Further, PPAP Packages include many specialized documents including the DFMEA or Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, PFMEA or Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, a Control Plan, MSA or Measurement System Analysis Studies, Materials Records, Performance Tests, DVP&R or Design Verification Plan and Report, Sample Inspection Report, SPC or Statistical Process Control charts, and documentation asserting to the validation of test equipment used to verify measurements from an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory. The PPAP Package also includes AAI or Appearance Approval Inspection, sample production parts (if possible) or a photo of the parts, and several other documents as outlined by the AIAG and the automotive manufacturer.

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