Save Time and Increase Efficiencies with ERP for HVAC Contractors

Krier & Blain, Inc. upgrade to Sage 100 ERP for HVAC contractors

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, HVAC systems are critical to ensure everyone remains comfortable in the sweltering summer heat and wicked winter winds; but the companies who install HVAC systems need to make sure their internal operations are fully supported so they can keep their customers comfortable. This is where Krier & Blain, Inc. began to run into trouble and why they made the choice to upgrade their ERP system to Sage 100 ERP.Prior to the company’s decision to move to Sage 100 ERP, the company relied on a DOS-based accounting system that was slow, hard to use, and so old that the publisher no longer supported it. The company has a number of systems to choose from, but the results they’ve seen from Sage 100 ERP make it evident that they made the right choice.

Sage 100 ERP now helps the company manage their operations through the financial, payroll, and job cost modules with impressive results. The company has been able to increase their operational efficiencies, streamline what were once time consuming processes, and gain valuable insights into costs and processes for smarter, faster decision making. Some of the measurable results they’ve seen include:

  • Seamless automation
  • 25% cut in the time it takes for payroll processing with help from the Direct Deposit Extended Solution; saving them hours each month
  • Sage 100 is about 10% faster than their old system when it comes to processing payables due to streamlined data entry and the fact that the system can cut individual checks.

Further,the Sage 100 ERP Job Cost module gives them precise job costing capabilities which lets the company break costing information down in many different ways allowing for faster, smarter decision making and insight into job costs, processes, and more. The company’s treasurer explained one of the ways this has improved the way they work:

“We put budgeted figures for labor and materials into Job Cost at the beginning of a project. Then as the job progresses, we estimate the percentage of work done to completion and compare against our forecast. If we’re 45 percent finished and have used 55 percent of projected labor costs, then we know we need to pick up the pace. This helps us run our company very efficiently.”

The company realized what many other Sage 100 users do; the system is extremely easy to use, so easy that even those who are not accounting experts can use it. Krier & Blain’s treasurer told Sage in an interview, “Last week when we were short-staffed in the accounting group, I ended up doing payroll by myself. This is definitely not my area of expertise, but everybody got paid on time, and I lived to tell the story. That’s saying something”

There is no one-size-fits-all and you have to do some research to find the best ERP solution for you. Read more here.

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