7 Distribution Challenges & How ERP Can Help

Knowing the problem is only half the battle. Wholesale Distribution ERP can help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-billion dollar organization with locations spread out globally, or a smaller company with only a handful of employees, your ERP system needs to provide functionality for all of your business processes. A good ERP system should streamline all of your processes from one single database including financials, human resources, distribution, supply chain, and more. What happens if something goes wrong? You run out of stock? A delivery truck gets a flat tire or stuck in traffic? How long until you know? Think of the time, money, resources, and profit that would all be affected. Having a properly implemented ERP system in place that can immediately alert you of issues inside the company could potentially save you thousands annually.

What are the key reasons most Wholesale Distributors implement an ERP system? Aberdeen Research does an annual – survey [¹] benchmarking the performance of over 644,000 companies across the wholesale distribution industry. The results illustrate where companies need improvement and what separates the best-in-class companies from the industry average and the laggards as well as the advantages of having an ERP system that best fits your business needs.

When it comes to ERP selection, the reasons for implementing ERP are similar for distributors across the industry. In this white paper you’ll discover the most common concerns and problems in your industry, how the right ERP system can help you address them, and real-life examples of how companies used ERP software to solve their problems.

To learn more about selecting the right ERP solution for your company contact our team of experts with more than two decades of experience helping other businesses benefit from accounting software.

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