• How to Keep Your Cash Flow in Check with AI
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    How to Keep Your Cash Flow in Check with AI

    Artificial intelligence and automation are the latest big things that play a role in everything from hiring a suitable candidate for carrying out administrative or accounting tasks in the office. Small businesses are becoming increasingly optimistic with regards to the role AI could play in business growth – and in monitoring cash flows in particular

  • Why Accountants Should Embrace AI
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    Why Accountants Should Embrace AI

    The introduction of new technology has a way of disrupting business processes and the expectations of the professionals who benefit from it. As the solutions offered by artificial intelligence (AI) become all the hype, accountants and finance professionals seem to be either hopping on board or being left behind. With AI bringing so many opportunities

  • The Impact of AI on CPAs
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    The Impact of AI on CPAs

    AI has received a significant amount of attention lately. It may seem like an intimidating topic, but AI simply represents a computer program or suite of programs that allow computers to replicate human behavior or insights. The implementation of AI across the industry will have profound impacts on accounting, data management processes, and other businesses

  • Artificial Intelligence and the CFO
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    Artificial Intelligence and the CFO

    The role of the CFO has changed from a service provider to a strategic partner, so each and every finance head in the C-suite should be looking at how artificial intelligence (AI) within their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can deliver a competitive advantage. Our use of AI has increased in our everyday lives for

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